Diving Into Fur At Brighton’s Vintage Market

Before I start this post I’d like to make on thing absolutely clear…

I do not condone the killing, farming, hunting or trapping of animals for any reason.

Although I’m by no means a vegan, I would still consider my self an animal lover who has great empathy for other living creatures, no matter their shape and size. With that being said, I’ve always had a soft spot for the way that fur feels, although I find the fur trade completely abhorrent, I can’t help but yearn after stunning vintage pieces which I know have been created at the cost of an animal’s life. It’s quite the conundrum and one that I can only be at peace with on the proviso that I only ever purchase vintage fur, my rationale being that the vintage fur has been around for potentially decades and my buying it will not contribute to the current fur trade which I find so disgusting.

For many PETA advocates and vegans, I know my rationale might seem flawed. Should I really wish to make a stand against the fur trade then I should be burning all my fur items and joining them in their protests, but I feel like to destroy these beautiful items which have survived for decades would be to ultimately waste the suffering that those animals went through. Whatever my reasoning, I felt like I was surrounded by like-minded people at the recent Vintage Market in Brighton which brought together dozens of vintage re-sellers looking to flog their wares to the bargai-hungry masses of what has to be one of the UK’s most fashion conscious cities.

I always get a buzz of excitement before heading in to a Vintage Market, the masses of people all dressed in their best wares get me giddy with anticipation and I bring my favourite carpet bag with me, just in case I buy too much! This Market was no different, I arrived early and was pleased to see a good contingent of early birds who were similarly eager to get inside and see what bargains they could find. The doors opened and it was almost like an episode of supermarket sweep, all manners of hipsters bum-rushed their way into the hall and soon we were all happily rifling through  military uniforms and mink-lined coats.

My tactic is always the same at these events: get in early, head straight to the fur and start haggling! Sellers are always keen to charge a high price for their fur, but in reality they know that these items are getting less popular thanks to the ethical stance that younger millennials take on the barbaric fur trade; even Mumsnet is lighting up with discussions about the potential ethical problems with fur pom pom hats. This time around I was struck by a particularly beautiful beaver skin hat that seemed to call out to me from across the room. I made a beeline to the seller and tried to feign my interest, casually asking how much this item was.

The man didn’t even bother to look up from his phone and mumbled ‘a fiver’, I thrust the note into his hand before he could realise his error and happily went in search for a cup of tea, over the moon with my first win of the day!

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