My Glass Obsession

Before I invite guests into my home I have to warn them about the amount of glassware that I have on display.

For a while I thought about getting visitors to sign a waiver before entering, just to cover myself for any injuries that they might incur in case anything gets knocked over.

I know what you’re thinking: is there really a need to pack your home with so much glassware that it almost becomes a hazard to invite people round? Are the hundreds of ornaments and tiny novelties worth having if it means that you can’t allow pets or children into your home? Is it really worth forgoing home insurance because the sheer volume of glass items in your home makes it a dangerous place to live in?

To this I answer: Yes!

My love for all things glass began with the simplest of gifts from my Grandmother, an item that has remained my most treasured piece for years now: my Derwent Crystal Glass Slipper.

I still remember the day I was given this priceless object.

My Grandmother had always loved little knick-knacks. She was a regular feature of all the charity shops in our local town and you could guarantee that she’d be the first in the car boot sale whenever it came to town. She had a fascination for trinkets. Whether it was odd little China ornaments, or crudely carved wooden figures, she loved finding these little curios and showing them to me whenever I visited her.

The Glass Slipper was one such item – I still remember the day that she gave it to me. Her hollow cheeks were still rosy from the cold breeze outside and she was breathless with excitement, her hands even shook as she took the shoe box down. The Slipper looked like it had been stolen from a fairy-tale, I’d never seen anything like it before. It was the closest thing to treasure I’d ever seen and my Grandmother glowed with pride when she saw my awe.

I was 5 at the time, an age where one is easily pleased. By the time my Grandmother had passed away, I was in University and had all but forgotten about the slipper. When I found out that she had left me the slipper in her will, a whole host of memories came flooding back to me. That’s when I realised the importance of these little items that she had spent her whole life collecting. Each individual piece was the product of a handful of human beings, who had created something completely unique. These items had been produced, sold, bought, love and lost.

My Grandmother enjoyed finding these items and giving them a home again – and that’s how I feel about my glass pieces. My Glass Slipper was made by Derwent Crystal somewhere between 1980-1985. This company is still producing the same slippers to this day, but it doesn’t make my own Slipper any less precious to me.

This website is a place for me to share my passion for my collection of glass, as well as my trips to car boot sales, museums and anywhere else I might be going – I hope you enjoy it!